The Effect Of Music On The Brain

There are two very popular beliefs in relation to the effect of music on the listener. The one is that classical music helps you study better, and the other is that heavy metal makes you aggressive. But is this true? And what is the effect of music on the brain actually?   The effect of


Building A Successful Business

Successful businesses don’t just happen overnight. They take plenty of hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. However, there’s nothing more rewarding at the end of the day than having a successful business; having started it from the ground up by a vision and your belief that it’ll work.


Starting A Business: Tips For Success

Starting a business is something that many South Africans strive to do. New businesses take plenty of hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. It takes making sacrifices for an extended period of time and making smart business decisions in order to succeed.


More Jobs You Can Do From Home

Apart from the online jobs, there are certain other jobs, including sales jobs you can do from home; or that will at least allow you to have a very flexible schedule. As most sales jobs are commission-based, you get paid for the business you bring to the company. This means that the more you sell, the


Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider following a career where you can work from home. Maybe you are a parent and you want to spend more time with your kids. Or maybe you are a true creative and you dislike the idea of an 8-to-5 office job. Whatever your reason,


The Effect Of Coffee On Your Brain

Some students rely heavily on coffee to keep them awake and alert while studying. Research has shown that coffee consumption has some beneficial effects on the brain. The main reason for the effects of coffee on your brain is because of the stimulation of the release of certain chemicals.


Solving Problems Like Elon Musk

If you don’t know who Elon Musk is by now, you must have been living under a rock. Elon Musk is the South African-born entrepreneur who plans on sending people to Mars before the end of the next decade. Apart from that, he also built some awesome electric cars. He has some amazing problem-solving skills


Asking Questions In An Interview

Whether you are doing your first interview ever or you have done dozens, you should always ask the interviewer some questions too. Remember that the company must be a fit for you just as much as you must be a fit for them. Asking questions in an interview can help you determine this.


5 Common Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time and because you’re not sure which questions they will ask. Every employer is different and the questions they feel are relevant might not be standard. But mostly they will ask common interview questions like the ones listed below.


How To Behave During Your Interview

Preparing for your interview is very important, but the interview itself is, of course, even more important. When you’re unsure of how to behave during your interview, the stress can be more intense than it needs to be. Follow these guidelines on how to behave during your interview to impress your future employer:   Arrive



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