We enjoy rewarding our students by ensuring that you have fun while you’re actively improving your future.

Our badge system allows you to gain points for completing certain courses or visiting certain pages, embarking on a quest and completing tasks in order to be in a position where you’re able to win surprise prizes.

Climbing the ranks can be as easy as logging in, passing quizzes with 100% and completing courses – starting as a Vigilante and becoming a Legendary Superhero. The higher up you climb in the ranks, the more points you earn, the more advanced your badges are.

At the end of the day, your stack of hard earned badges will determine the prize you get to take home.

Not only is it our way of saying ‘thanks’ for choosing WebCollege as a way of improving your future and increasing your chances for employment, it’s also a great way to improve learning in a fun and interactive way.

Remember, learning can and should be fun – climb the ranks and earning achievement badges as you go along.

WebCollege makes your learning journey fun, engaging and rewarding.

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